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Coaching offers you the space to sort your inner experience and to discover hidden potentials and thus be able to use them. Be it for decision-making, for  Handling a conflict, for  Creating a relationship, strengthening skills and  Confidence or just because you enjoy growing.


I accompany you in a very supportive and spatial manner, without relieving you of responsibility for your development work. I am convinced that every person has all the skills to find the right solution for him or her.  

Coaching is not a lengthy process, but rather precise support for a current problem. Often, completely new insights are gained after just a few appointments  experienced surprisingly positive developments.  

I am curious how you will approach your issues!


You have already taken the first step.  In the free preliminary talk you describe  me what it's about:

  • On which topic would you like to progress or which problem would you like to tackle?

  • Which goal do you want to achieve?


In practice, professional and private issues often overlap - that's perfectly fine.

I  also explain the conditions to you and you can ask further questions about the process.  If you decide to have one coaching session, we will plan the next one  Events  According to your life situation and your topic.  A coaching process usually consists of approx. 3-7  Coaching appointments too  1- 1.5 each  Hours.

How can I help you on your way?

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