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Kundenstimme von Martina Kocher, Abteilungsleiterin bei HUGO BOSS

head of department
HUGO BOSS AG, Metzingen

"I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was faced with a new task and didn't know exactly how to solve it. The exchange with Cécile helped me a lot. Through targeted questions and her systematic approach, she gave me the space to reflect on the one hand and to find possible solutions for my issue on the other. After the conversation I had more self-confidence and also a lot of new energy. Cécile convinced me with her empathy and her sympathetic, authentic manner. I was able to take away a lot for myself, which still has an effect today, and I can recommend Cécile without reservation."

Friederike Ortwein Leiterin Produktion GRIMM's Hochdorf

Head of Production
GRIMM's Hochdorf

"In order to build new structures, we needed to establish team leaders in our company and strengthen them in their development process from employee to leader. Cécile specifically asked me and some of my employees about this to tailor a workshop just right for us. The implementation was especially great because it was so interactive. The colleagues were very motivated and took extremely much with them into everyday life. It took a lot of pressure off me, especially because there is now a lot more responsibility. I would definitely recommend Cécile and have already planned next projects with her."

Kundenstimme von Stephanie Bester, Architektin bei MIKOS Architeken


MIKOS Architects, Stuttgart

"My boss gave me the chance to improve my performance in conversations and discussions. Through conversations and guidance on self-hypnosis, Cecile was able to help me transfer what I learned into everyday life. From the beginning there was a good basis of trust and one is immediately carried away by Cecile's positive charisma. She was able to analyze my concerns very well and thus quickly find the key to solving the problem. I would recommend everyone to book a coaching session with Cecile."

Kundenstimme von Tiffany Duscher, Global Talent Manager, L&D bei IWC

Global Talent,
L&D Sr Manager

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

In January 2023 to start the year right, I had the great opportunity to join and explore PQ program this accompanied by Cécile.

These 6 intense weeks were a transformation, all this wouldn’t have happened without Cécile. The positive impact on my well-being and success is impressive.

The minute I met Cécile I immediately felt safe and highly motivated to develop myself through her impulses.

Cécile positive energy, true passion in unlocking people and team potential, wonderful listening and high pragmatism were particularly much appreciated.


if you are looking for someone to learn from about yourself and embrace the next level, look no further than Cécile.


Can’t wait for what the future holds 

Thanks a million Cécile !!

Kundenstimme von Ali Incegöz, Praktikant bei Neue Weberei-WORK.EAT.BIKE

New weaving - WORK. EAT. bike, Wernau

I was at an impasse both professionally and personally. I needed a helping hand to support me in reorienting myself. After some initial skepticism, I got involved with coaching and have been thrilled ever since. The great thing about Cecile's way of working is that meeting at eye level makes you feel like you're talking to a friend. In addition, I really enjoyed the visualizations because they energized me and helped me realign my compass.

I have since made coaching a regular appointment because it helps me stay in a positive state of mind about life permanently. So I can definitely recommend Cecile to others."

Kundenstimme von Nicole Wiech, Engineer Qualification bei Curevac

Engineer qualification


"I wanted to change something in my life in order not to stand every few years felt again at the same professional point.  Through Cécile's great impulses and the right questions and ideas at the right time, the task quickly changed to the true core of the cause.

Through her, I also participated in the Mental Fitness program. I never thought it would take me this far in such a short time and be effective. I have grown extremely in my mental fitness in the process, which I now benefit from on a daily basis. In addition, I feel more balanced and in my center. Even my environment has already noticed a change after a few weeks. Based on my own experience, I can highly recommend the program and Cécile to everyone."

Kundenstimme von Sarah Panten, Geschäftsführung avasis solution GmbH

Managing directors

avasis solutions GmbH,

"Half a year after we founded the company, my battery was empty. The huge, inner backlog of ideas for the development of the company, the many new projects and everyday tasks crushed me and my needs. Cécile helped me to sort myself out, to recharge my batteries and to find lightness and above all fun in challenges again. I very much appreciated her goal-orientation and her easy-going and infectious manner. In addition, her range of knowledge and experience is great: she offered me a selection of tools to suit the current situation. So I was able to find the right one for me. The PQ program has been the icing on the cake, it makes a lasting change. Not only myself, but I can perfectly apply what I learned in communication with the team or clients. Thank you Cécile!"

Kundenstimme von Petra Hartmann, HR Business Partner bei Bachmann GmbH

HR Business Partners

"I became aware of "IMAGINE" through a Linkedin post from SPRUNGKRAFT and spontaneously signed up for the info workshop. Cécile and Viola convinced me with their positive, cheerful manner, their approachability and at the same time with their professionalism that I wanted to try the program. Purely intuitively and spontaneously, because I had the feeling that I could take away something valuable for myself here, although (or precisely because) I was heavily involved in my private and professional life and actually had no time. The 6-week "PQ" including the individual coaching was absolutely valuable and has a lasting effect. I can wholeheartedly recommend Cécile and Viola and the program. It is a concrete help to reduce personal stress and to increase one's own well-being. Especially when you have "no time" - follow your intuition ;-)"


Marie Curie (1867-1934)
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